Terry Edis Trust - Small Grants Programme

The Trust has limited funds so it really is only small grants that we can make available. We aim to promote community led services in the absence of central government grants for that purpose. We also want to help develop the community awareness and skills of young people who may be the leaders of the future.

The grant programme will support residents£ and community groups to make a difference in their neighbourhoods. We will prioritise applications from groups that can demonstrate commitment from their members and are without access to other funds.

We will accept applications from residents£ and community groups who are committed to self-help and who are exploring more community control. This might include :- 

  • Small grants to help unfunded tenants groups explore tenant control (eg to fund a study visit or to help them engage with landlord).
  • Small grants to help young people in TMO communities network with others to explore and develop community leadership ideas and skills.
  • Small grants to help existing TMOs explore how they might grow their activities beyond housing management.

 How to Apply for a Small Grant

You can download guidance explaining our grant criteria in more detail HERE and a simple grant application form HERE. If you want to check with us that your project fits our criteria, before applying, then include a phone number in an email to and we will give you a ring. We are unlikely to give a single grant of more than £400

We will want to see how our grant will help your group move forward in some way, and will expect you to provide us with an account of how the money has been used and what has been achieved, with photographs wherever possible.

 Want to Donate to the Small Grants Fund?

We would like to thank the PEP Trust for part funding this grant programme. If you are an organisation with funds, for example an established TMO, Co-operative or social landlord and you want to help promote community led services then why not £sponsor£ one or more of our grant applicants? We will involve you in the process of considering grant applications and, of course, share with you the story of how your donation has been used and what has been achieved. The Terry Edis Trust is run entirely by volunteers and so 100% of your donation would be passed on to applicant groups in the form of a grant.

If your organisation is interested in sponsoring one or more small grants then please contact us at - we will be delighted to here from you.

Copies of our Small Grants Programme Leaflet in PDF format can be downloaded and printed HERE.