Welcome to the TMO Toolbox. The Toolbox contains links to a range of guidance and example documents that will be useful in the Right to Manage process and the ongoing governance of your organisation. The main headings:- 'We are in Touch' 'We are well run and in control' 'Our aims are realistic' and 'Providing an effective housing service' reflect the 4 areas of competence that must be achieved by a tenants group using the Right to Manage to set up a TMO.  

 The Toolbox includes the TMO Code of Governance. That is a template for a main Code that your TMO can adapt to your local circumstances, PLUS over 20 linked documents to help you develop the various policies and procedures that the TMO is likely to need.To access these documents click on the 'We are Well Run' tab on the menu on the left hand side of this page. The associated documents are accessed via the drop down list under the main Governance Documents listings. Your TMO may have a 'Board' or a 'Committee' so you can choose the template to fit your TMO. 

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