NFTMO Publications

The NFTMO has published a number of good practice guides for TMOs in a range of formats. Please let us have your ideas for further publications. We are always looking to promote good practice in the sector. These NFTMO publications that can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the title :-

The Tenants Guide to the Right to Manage (2013) :   The Right to Manage has been improved to make the process quicker and less complex for tenants who want to set a tenant management organisation. This guide tells you more about tenant management organisations and explains how the Right to Manage works. The guide also tells you where you can get more information and advice.

A Business Planning Guide for TMOs (Updated 2013) : This guide has been developed to help TMOs draw up their own business plan. A number of exercises have been devised to help TMOs complete the analysis which is required to produce a business plan. As each of the key exercises is completed, your TMO business plan will take a step closer to completion.

TMOs and Allocations - A Review (2012) :  A review of the important but complex issue of TMO involvement in the allocations of homes in their management.Written to enable tenants and landlords to discuss aspirations and options with better information about the relevant law and current practice around the country.

Calculating Allowances for TMOs (2010) : Published by the NFTMO and written by Liz Michael, the guidance is intended to help TMOs and landlords agree the level of allowances through a process that both parties can see is logical, fair and transparent. That can help to create a stronger partnership and a more secure starting point from which the TMO can build future spending plans.

Local Authority, ALMO and TMO Relationships (2010) : Local Authority, ALMO and TMO relationships - A Good Practice Guide is endorsed by Communities and Local Government and forms part of a package of guidance published in 2008 to underpin new arrangements for tenant empowerment. The guidance is voluntary but ALMOs, TMOs and local authorities are strongly urged to base their relationship on the principles promoted in the document

Guide to the Modular TMO Kite Mark and Healthcheck (2011) The Governance Healthcheck can be used simply  as a way of checking the health of the organisation or as a starting point for an application for the NFTMO£s good governance Kitemark.

Stock Options - Guidance and Good Practice for TMOs (2004) Although some parts of this document are now out of date it does include useful guidance for TMOs involved in stock transfer of some form

Best Value - How to Make it Work for TMOs (2003)