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Housing Minister Wants to See More TMOs

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has announced £8 million over 4 years to continue the Tenant Empowerment Grant Programme. Some of that money will be available to support Council tenants' groups who want to use the Right to Manage to take control of aspects of their local housing service.The Minister also announced plans to streamline the Right to Manage process so that tenants can set up TMOs more quickly and with less red tape. More >

NFTMO Responds to Government Housing Reform Proposals

The NFTMO response to the Government consultation document 'Local decisions - a fairer future for housing' says that the Federation believes that some aspects of the proposed housing reforms do not fit with the Government's own aims for the 'Big Society'. The NFTMO fears that proposals for short-term tenancies may lead to less stable communities, a faster turnover of homes and fewer tenants willing to make a commitment to volunteering in the community.

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NFTMO Working on New Funding Model

With the future of the TEP Grant programme very uncertain the NFTMO is aiming to develop a ‘business model’ that will be less dependent on government grant. The NFTMO do not get ‘core’ grant but TEP does help fund a number of our activities.

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NFTMO Launches Calculating TMO Allowances Guidance

The NFTMO has published a new Guidance booklet for TMOs and their landlords to help improve the process of calculating and negotiating TMO Allowances. The booklet is available free from the NFTMO.

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Role for TMOs in the ‘Big Society’?

Policies announced by the new Coalition Government seem to be supportive of the aims and values of Tenant Management Organisations. They state that “Only when people and communities are given more power and take more responsibility can we achieve fairness and opportunity for all”

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Joint National Tenant Scrutiny Committee to Hold TSA to Account

Following publication of the Tenant Services Authority’s regulatory standards, the four national tenant organisations are to set up a joint independent national tenant scrutiny committee. The committee will hold the TSA and other Government bodies to account for their part in ensuring the delivery of better services in the social housing sector, comprehensive empowerment opportunities and improved quality of life for tenants.

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Springfield Horseshoe Co-operative in Wolverhampton has become the first tenants’ organisation to be assessed as competent under the new system of external assessment by an Approved Assessor. Springfield Horseshoe Co-op already manages 83 homes but is planning to increase that number to 284 – hence the need for a fresh assessment of competence. Now they are offering to help other groups who are preparing for an assessment. In particular they are offering to share information about how they mastered the Common Assessment Model, or ‘CAM’ as it’s known.

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Guidance Launched for ALMOs and TMOs

Government Minister Iain Wright MP has endorsed new guidance that aims to improve working relationships between TMOs, ALMOs and their local authorities. The National Federation of ALMOs (NFA), the National Federation of TMOs (NFTMO), and the Councils with ALMOs Group (CWAG) have worked together to produce the guidance which was launched by the Minister at a ceremony on the Grosvenor and Regency estate in Westminster.

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New Tenant Control Opportunities – Links to Resources

The revised Right to Manage Regulations came into force on October 1st. Follow the link to our full story and for access to guidance, a temporary list of advisors and trainers and the UPDATED (Oct 28th)Common Assessment Model

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The AdaPT Toolset for Working with the Modular Management Agreement

You can now access and use a near complete version of the AdaPT Toolset for Working with the new Modular Management Agreement.

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