How to set up a TMO

If you are a Council Tenant

Housing law in England gives Council tenants a collective right to take on the management of the council housing where they live. This may happen where a local tenants' group believe that they could provide a better or more cost effective service, like arranging repairs or estate cleaning, if they were to have direct control of the money that the council spends on that service. 

When tenants join together to manage their own homes they set up a 'tenant management organisation'. Tenant management organisations, in different shapes and sizes, have been managing council housing around the country for nearly fifty years. 

As you would expect, there are safeguards built into the law to make sure that a tenants£ group can only take on housing management functions if they have the support of tenants in the homes and if they can show they have the skills and knowledge that will be needed to be successful.

The 'Right to Manage', as the law is called, has been improved to make the process quicker and less complex for tenants who want to set a tenant management organisation. The Tenants Guide to the Right to Manage tells you more about tenant management organisations and explains how the Right to Manage works. The guide also tells you where you can get more information and advice. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE.

If you are a Housing Association tenant

Housing association tenants do not have a legal Right to Manage, so the process of setting up a TMO must follow a voluntary route where the landlord's active support for the proposal is essential. 

National standards set by the Housing Regulator say that all social housing providers, including housing associations, should give tenants opportunities to be involved in the management and maintenance of their homes. A landlord that refuses to consider a proposed TMO may be in breach of the regulatory standard.

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