Guide TMO Network

What is the Guide TMO Network?

Guide TMOs are established organisations who are helping to promote the concept of tenant controlled housing amongst council and housing association tenants. They can offer guidance to tenant's groups that are exploring or developing a TMO approach. They will help to show people what TMOs are all about, including the possible difficulties and challenges.

  • The services offered by a Guide TMO may include:-
  • Hosting study visits 
  • Providing advice 
  • Providing templates and model documents 
  • Offering shadowing opportunities 
  • Mentoring / coaching 
  • Offering support at events designed to engage local residents 
  • Contributing to training events and workshops

Individual Guide TMOs may not offer all of these services listed. The NFTMO may be able to help unfunded groups with their costs of travel when making a Study Visit to a Guide TMO.

Guide TMOs are not commercial consultancies and they are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with others on a not-for-profit basis. They need to manage their Guide commitments to ensure that the work does not detract from the service they provide in their own communities.

Information about the Guide TMOs

The Guide TMOs include Pembroke Street EMB Plymouth, Bloomsbury EMB Birmingham, Burrowes Street TMO Walsall, Bushbury Hill EMB Wolverhampton, Alpha TMC Sheffield, Childwall Valley EMB Liverpool, New Barracks Co-op Salford, Carrbrook Co-op Stalybridge, Blenheim Gardens RMO London, Friday Hill TMO  London, Leathermarket JMB London, Roman Way Estate CiC  Birmingham, PETRA TMO London and South Community Builders London

We are developing an online searchable directory of Guide TMOs which provides much more detail about the services provided by each TMO. At the moment that directory is 'work in progress'

If you want to contact a Guide TMO you can get in touch with them directly or email