New to TMOs?

What is a TMO?

A TMO is a means by which council or housing association tenants and leaseholders can collectively take on responsibility for managing the homes they live in. Those resident members of the TMO create an independent legal body and usually elect a tenant led management committee to run the organisation. The TMO can then enter into a legal management agreement (contract) with the landlord. The TMO is paid annual management and maintenance allowances in order to carry out the management duties that are delegated to them.

TMOs can take different forms and sizes. Many are tenant management co-operatives ? using co-op rules. Others may take the form of not-for-profit companies. Some TMOs manage just a handful of homes while others manage large estates of two or three thousand properties. The small TMOs may rely mainly on voluntary effort but most employ staff such as housing managers, caretakers and repair workers.

The services managed by the TMO vary with local circumstances but may include day-to-day repairs, allocations and lettings, tenancy management, cleaning and caretaking, and rent collection.

Why Form a TMO?

Independent Government sponsored research* has proved the benefits of forming a TMO:

  • TMOs often manage their housing more effectively than their landlord. Their performance matches the top 25% of local councils in England.
  • This better performance by TMOs covers repairs, relets, rent collection, and tenant satisfaction.
  • TMOs, being ?on the spot? and with local knowledge tend to act sooner and more effectively when dealing with tenancy management problems.
  • TMOs can work well in socially excluded communities
  • Many TMOs are involved in wider community activities and play an important part in neighbourhood regeneration.
  • The majority of TMO tenants say the TMO helps to
  • increase community spirit and improve the quality of life.

The NFTMO aims to help and support all kinds of TMOs across the UK.

How the NFTMO can help.

The NFTMO was formed to help and support TMOs. We provide a range of services for TMOs and for those hoping to set a TMO up. You can see the services we provide on this website. If you are thinking of setting up a TMO or have any questions related to TMOs, please contact us.