Youth Engagement

At every NFTMO conference our members emphasise that young people are an extremely valuable part of every community. They are our future workforce, leaders, role models, business owners, tenants and landlords. An investment in young people, is an investment in our own future. The government still requires local authorities to 'secure, so far as is reasonably practicable, equality of access for all young people to the positive, preventative and early help they need to improve their well-being. This includes youth work and other services and activities.

However, government funded youth provision is being significantly impacted due to budget reductions. Youth centres and closing, and long standing projects are having their funding cut or reduced. The government has also said that local priorities and decisions on services for young people 'are best left to local people'.

As a key provider of community services, It is a high priority for many TMO communities to actively involve young people in local activities and help them to develop a wide range of skills and a sense of citizenship.

We believe that TMOs are well placed to coordinate and deliver provision to local young people within the communities they serve because;

  • They have a long term commitment to the community they serve
  • They have local knowledge of the issues and strengths and needs of the local community.
  • They have a consistent local meeting place that provision can be delivered from.
  • They have a workforce of local people, willing to give their valuable time to serve the community.
  • They care!

The NFTMO is currently undertaking work to increase and improve youth engagement in the TMO Sector, and to help TMOs have access to the resources and support they need to offer an effective, high quality opportunity to local young people. We want to develop a national network of young people living in TMO Communities.

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* Statutory guidance for local authorities on services and activities to improve young people£s well-being, Department for Education, 2012