One of the constitutional aims of the NFTMO is to "To promote nationally and locally the benefits of TMOs and to promote laws and policies that will create conditions that are favourable to the continued development of TMOs".

To this end the NFTMO has been successful in helping to persuade successive governments that TMOs should be encouraged by government policy and that grants should continue to be available to tenants groups wanting to set up TMOs. A key NFTMO campaign, not yet won, is that the Right to Manage for Council tenants should be extended to Housing Association tenants.You can view a paper setting out the reasons why this should happen HERE. Central Government support is not, of itself, enough to enable a significant increase in the number of new TMOs being formed. Co-operation from the landlord is key and local political support is important.

If you want materials to help promote TMOs to your local councillors or to your landlord please contact us.