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The Advisors and Trainers on this list are individuals and organisations who offer services to tenants and residents groups at the various stages of tenant empowerment projects. The list is a "yellow pages" type resource so please be aware that the advisors and trainers listed are not "quality assured". That means groups must take great care when selecting and appointing advisors and trainers, whether or not they appear on this list.

Detailed advice about the selection process can be found in a guide called "Residents' Choice". (Note that the guide itself is now out of date but Appendix 2 offers advice on choosing a Lead Advisor) The NFTMO may be able to help you in your selection process if you email us at You may also find it useful to seek advice from ATIC (


Using the list

You can shorten the list down to those advisors and trainers who are most likely to be suitable by using the searchable fields;

You can select the region of the country where you live so that the list only includes those advisors and trainers who sat they work in your area.
You can, if you wish, restrict your list to trainers and advisors who are members of ATIC (Association of Agencies and Trainers for Involved Communities) CLICK HERE to visit the ATIC website
You can, if you wish, restrict your list to trainers and agencies who are eligible to be receive Tenant Empowerment Grant. This may be an advantage if your project is at an early stage and/or if your group is unincorporated (meaning your group is not a registered company or I and P Society)
You can, if you wish, select the listings who offer a particular service. Some people will offer to act as your Lead Advisor, others may offer training services, some offer both. You may be looking for a specialist trainer or advisor, for example in finance, business planning, repairs and maintenance etc.
If you are unsure about any of these issues please seek advice before going further with your search.

Once you submit your search, a list of suitable organisations will then be listed. You can then either print off the details and contact the organisations yourself or use our short questionnaire to automatically send key details out to your selected organisations.

We strongly advise that you complete the questionnaire in draft form and then copy and paste text into the on-line form..


Where is your TMO based:

Are you looking for an organisation which is an ATIC member?
Not necessarily

Are you looking for an organisation which is eligible for a TEP Grant?
Not necessarily

What do you need the organisation for?
lead advisor services
general training services
financial advice/training
business planning advice/training
governance advice/training
technical/maintenance advice/training
housing management advice/training